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    Produced by the ancient recipe of the Himalayan, HUNZA people, 100% ORGANIC! made from BITTER and from SWEET 
apricot seeds (x2 bottles, one is made from bitter and the other is from sweet apricot kernels).They made limited quantity of oil for my country; squeezed and handmade oil was send to my country, tested, certificated and packed in this bottles shown in this listing. This is 100% organic apricot oil and can not buy in any market! They also called HANI-E-DELL , or drops- gift from the Sun.

This oil contains a huge percentage of natural B 17, 200 times more than almonds or any other seeds
Our body is constantly making cancerous cells which in normal conditions are immediately destroyed by our immune system. But in case of great stress, exhaustion or weakness, the multiplication of these cells is too big to be tackled by the immune system. Then we need several drops from this apricot kernel oil. It immediately defends the human immune system and attacks the cancer cells. One molecule of this vit. consists of 2 units of sugar, 1 unit of benzaldehyde and one unit of natural cyanide locked between the 3 above mentioned atoms. If there aren't any cancer cells in the organism, this trapped cyanide is locked and completely harmless for the organism. It can only be unlocked by an enzyme produced by the cancer cell, and only when touching that enzyme, a reaction which frees the most renowned malignant cancer fighter happens! It's already known that malignant cells like sugar and that is why they immediately stick to the 2 units of sugar contained in this vit, not knowing that in this case, the sugar carries a powerful killer in itself, which completely destroys them. Because of that, it is rightfully said that the apricot kernel oil is THE MOST POWERFUL ALLY AGAINST CANCER! And it is also available and natural! -Besides cancer prevention, this oil can be used against symptoms of asthma, and with the anti inflammatory benefits people can treat serious skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis and acne: This oil can also be used to nourish dry and aged skin, prevent hair loss and fortify hair follicles. The Hunza apricot kernel oil also is rich with Linoleic and other essential fatty acids , minerals and other natural nourishing elements and is treated as one of the most powerful ANTIOXIDANTS of today! It's wonderful because of the fact that perfectly absorbed in the skin and doesn't leave greasy trails, and it doesn't cause any allergic reactions even to the most sensitive skin. ( That is why this oil is often the base for many baby products )

Use: -Every morning and every evening before going to sleep take 7-10 drops of the oil, in a wooden or plastic spoon.

    The Hunza people put 5-6 drops in their children's milk every day. They also massage them with it after bathing them. When it's  applied on the skin, it revitalize, freshens and smoothes it. A few drops in the morning or at night are enough. The Hunzas say - you can use it as much as you want whenever you want.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
    These people from Himalayan kingdom called - Hunza still have the title of the healthiest and long-lived people on the planet.They are health and vital after 100 and they aren't familiar with the terms cancer, tumor and even caries.
Made with Himalayan apricots which have never seen chemicals, ground by hand between two rocks, squeezed by the hands of the Hunza women, this oil has never been touched by metal (which would decrease its medical qualities). Because of this, the HUNZA KERNEL OIL IS AN ORIGINAL PRODUCT, HANDMADE, which makes it UNIQUE, - incomparable in quality to any of the oils on the market - and it's a limited edition. The Hunza people, who parenthetically are the only class free society in the world, define family status by the number of apricot trees in the yard. Until recently, apricots were the only mean of payment in this Himalayan kingdom, Apricot oil is used in every day diet, women use it as the only cosmetic, rubbing it on their faces, therefore the 80-year old Hunza woman looks like an average 50 - year old woman from the West. They put it in their hair, against hair loss, for thicker and shinier hair.

* Tested, Certificated and Packed in Macedonia
* Approved by the Food and Veterinary Agency of Macedonia N.20-3371 and The Center for Public Health - Skopje N.3253
* Organic 100% HANDMADE
* Best Before 2020 
* Bottle Qnty: 50 ml. 


Shipping with registered air-mail with signature delivery confirmation and tracking number, so that you get this product fast and you can track them as well.  If you have any question feel free to contact me.




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